Big Pharma in a little trouble in China



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THIS TIME last year GlaxoSmithKline made history in America when the Justice department announced the biggest-ever settlement for fraud involving a drugs company, with GSK paying $3 billion for illegally promoting its drugs and other unsavoury tactics. On July 11th the British pharmaceuticals giant found itself potentially in hot water again, when China’s Ministry of Public Security alleged that it had committed bribery.

去年这个时候,葛兰素史克在美国创造了历史 – 葛兰素史克因为非法药物促销和其他令人厌恶的运作方式被处罚金3亿美元 – 这被美国司法部宣布为最大的药物公司诈骗和解案件。7月11日,这家英国制药巨头发现它有可能再次陷入了困境 – 中国公共安全部指控其行贿。

The drugs industry has a long record of legal tussles in America, with some of the biggest companies—Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Abbott—all settling their cases with the government. But drugs companies may soon find themselves in some huge scraps with Chinese authorities, too.

制药公司在美国一向法律纠纷不断,一些行业巨头 – 强生, 辉瑞,雅培 – 都与美国政府进行了和解。但这些制药公司也许很快就会发现他们同样与中国政府产生了极大纠纷。

Big Pharma is eager to benefit from China’s rise, particularly as sales slow in the West. China’s health spending is projected to rocket from $357 billion in 2011 to $1 trillion in 2020, according to a McKinsey report. Faced with such delectable numbers, multinational drug companies have set up research centres and deployed an army of 25,000 salesmen. But this rush to sell their medicines is happening in an industry with perfect conditions for bribery. Chinese hospitals have traditionally relied on drug sales as a main source of revenue. Doctors already have ample reason to prescribe expensive or inappropriate drugs.


At the same time, China’s government is keen to battle corruption. The Ministry of Public Security alleges that GSK’s employees doled out cash and other enticements to government officials and hospital staff to encourage them to boost prescriptions. The previous week Chinese police had detained some GSK employees, though exactly what for is unclear. GSK says that it will co-operate with the authorities but that it has seen no evidence of wrongdoing so far.


Cynics grumble that China’s attention to alleged corruption by foreign firms conveniently benefits Chinese companies. The government has chosen biomedicine as a key strategic industry. China is on track to unseat Japan as the second-largest investor in biomedical research, according to a new report from Lux Research, in Massachusetts.

一些世故的抱怨称,中国对境外公司的腐败指控使得中国公司方便的获利。政府已经将生物制药选择为战略产业。根据麻省Lux research一份新的研究报告,中国正走在取代日本成为世界第二大生化制药研究投资者的道路上。

But Chinese officials are not the only ones scrutinising GSK’s Chinese business. The government’s bad news for GSK adds to that from a whistleblower, who claims GSK bribed doctors from 2004 to 2010. And that news compounds America’s continuing investigation of whether GSK and other drug firms violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which forbids the bribery of foreign officials. This mess is likely to become messier.




supamarkJul 12th, 17:02
They already bribe doctors here in the US. When I was recently back in college, I worked for a restaurant delivery service and we did brisk business with pharma reps buying lunch for doctor’s offices ($200 to $300 per office). Add that to all the free samples they give out and other gifts and it seems this is their business model.

他们已经在美国行贿医生了。在我还在上大学的时候,我在餐馆送外卖。我们们确实撞见过医药代表买午饭送给医生诊所(200 到300美元一间)。 再加上所有的免费样品和其他礼物,这看起来就是他们的商业模式。

MelissiaJul 13th, 20:39
Not sure why anyone would be surprised at this… all of the big pharma companies do it. They’ve just been very good at bribing the right people so nothing comes of it.
Both in the Western countries, and in the Eastern ones.


bettysenior1 hour 34 mins ago
Big Pharma thinks that it is a law only to itself and most probably it is. When it paid off the US authorities last year by forfeiting $3 billion-plus (the largest hand over of money in pharmaceutical history to stop it going to Court – the nearest thing to admittance), for fraudulently selling drugs and where in some cases they were life-threatening and to our young, they simply paid up more-or-less immediately. Why did they do this. Well, having sold $28 billion and it is a known fact that big Pharma make at least a 50% profit, they had pocketed at least $14 billion in profits. Take £3 billion from $14 billion and you have a nice little earner of $11 billion. So $3 billion was just an expense really and where the US authorities taught GSK nothing other than they can get away with whatever they wish and still come up smelling of roses.
But everyone should read where the roots of big pharma come from for enlightenment. Many came out of the Nazi era and where western governments after WW2 actually hardly ever imposed any significant reprisals. Even though many were involved with the termination of the Jews throughout Europe supplying the Nazi killing machine with the means to do it. But this may have been just a precursor to the modern day where big pharma still get away with literally ‘murder’. Nothing has really changed.
For more insights into big pharma visit http://foolscrow.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/return-to-nuremberg-big-pharma…
Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation

制药巨头认为这是他们的专享法律,而事实可能确实如此。当它去年花费三亿美元给美国政府(制药史上最大的金钱转账使得此事不用上法庭 – 基本就是承认了),因为欺骗式卖药。在某些情况下这些药是致命的,而对我们的年轻人,他们仅仅立刻付了一个差不多的数额。为什么他们这么做。他们有28亿美元的销售额,而众所周知的是制药巨头至少有50%的利润,他们因此至少获得了14亿美元的盈利。减去三亿美元之后他们还有11亿美元的盈利。所以这三亿美元其实仅仅是一项开支罢了。而美国政府没有教给葛兰素史克任何事情- 除了任何时候他们都能金蝉脱壳而且继续获利。
但每个人都应该读读这些制药巨头的起源来得到一点启蒙教育。许多都来自于纳粹时期,而西方政府二战后已经无力提出任何严重的制裁。尽管许多公司都牵涉到了为纳粹在全欧洲屠杀犹太人提供便利。但这可能正是现代社会的先兆 – 制药巨头从事实上的“谋杀”中逃脱。没什么是真的改变了的。

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